“Conjuring” Producer Sues New Line: Release Sequel Over My Dead Body

The producer behind horror blockbuster “The Conjuring” has filed a lawsuit against New Line Cinema, claiming the studio stiffed him on a huge chunk of profits from the movie, and now he wants to block New Line from releasing the sequel it’s planning.

New Line has already set a “Conjuring 2″  release date for pre-Halloween 2015, but if Tony DeRosa-Grund gets his way, the movie will never go to production.

DeRosa-Grund has sued New Line as well as Warner Bros. Entertainment, alleging he owns the rights to the life stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the real-life paranormal investigators on whose case studies “The Conjuring” is based.

DeRosa-Grund claims he purchased the rights to the Warrens’ life stories fives years ago, as well as the rights to all of their bizarre case studies, and entered into a deal with New Line to produce “The Conjuring” based on one of these studies.

Now, DeRosa-Grund claims New Line has gone rogue, developing a “Conjuring” sequel starring the Warrens (played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) without his permission. If New Line wants to do a sequel, DeRosa-Grund says he better get paid for it.

DeRosa-Grund also alleges New Line shafted him on profits from the original movie, claiming “The Conjuring” grossed $318 million worldwide on just a $20 million budget.

DeRosa-Grund wants a judge to put a stop to New Line’s “Conjuring” sequel and order the studio to pay him any money he’s owed from the original film.


A-Trak Accused of Funneling Stolen ‘Gold Digger’ Sample to Kanye West

A-Trak is the crook responsible for giving Kanye West a stolen sample for the song “Gold Digger” nearly a decade ago, at least according to a new lawsuit filed against the DJ, and now he’s being dragged into the enormous legal mess surrounding the song.

Kanye was sued in 2013 by the family of singer David Pryor, who wrote and performed a song called “Bumpin’ Bus Stop” with his band Thunder & Lightning way back in 1974. The family claimed Kanye jacked an unauthorized sample of Pryor singing the words “get down” for “Gold Digger.”

Now, Pryor’s family has filed another lawsuit, this time against A-Trak. The lawsuit alleges A-Trak is the producer responsible for funneling the Pryor sample to Kanye in the first place.

The suit also claims A-Trak — who has a long history with Kanye — has also used the “get down” sample on many of his other tracks since 2007.

The family wants tons of money.



Oprah Winfrey Dragged Into Alleged Bernie Madoff Scheme

Oprah Winfrey was the face of a massive Ponzi scheme that bilked thousands of unsuspecting investors out of millions of dollars, or so claims one D.C. man, and now he’s suing the people allegedly responsible for the scam.

Nita Archie filed the suit against five people he claims started a financial services company called To God Be the Glory, which purported to handle everything from tax preparation to credit repair. The name alone should have been a red flag. 

Nita claims the alleged fraudsters — one of whom he believes is dead and another of whom he claims has “vanished” — falsely advertised that their money company was endorsed by Oprah.

Nita claims the Oprah lie fooled more than 1,000 people into investing in the company, and the scammers used the money to finance their excessive lifestyle, filled with Maybachs, Hummers, and luxury homes around Maryland.

Inevitably, Nita claims the scheme began to unravel and the scammers vanished and now live under new untraceable identities.

He wants the alleged fraudsters to pay up $3 million, but he’ll have to find them first.

FYI, “To God be the glory” were Oprah’s last words before her talk show ended back in 2011.


Jason Varitek’s Baby Mom: Stop Blowing Off My Text Messages

The mother of Jason Varitek‘s three children is getting really, really pissed off with the silent treatment.

Karen Wood just filed legal documents, asking a court to modify the ex-couple’s pre-existing custody arrangement because she feels Jason isn’t being a forthcoming and responsive parent.

She wants it modified as follows: 1) each parent must inform the other one week prior to taking the kids out of town, and 2) each parent must respond to emergency texts/emails immediately (and non-emergency texts/emails within 24 hours).

She also wants the court to appoint a co-parenting counselor.

We’ll admit, there’s nothing worse than the dreaded “read” message receipt with no response.


NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk’s Beachfront Home Sold at Foreclosure Auction

If NFL legend Marshall Faulk isn’t safe in this economy, no one is. Guy just lost his peach beachfront Florida condo at a foreclosure auction.

According to new official records, Faulk’s home hit the auction block in October and was sold for $184,200.

Faulk was sued by his bank in 2012 after he allegedly defaulted on his $112,300 loan.

It’s an interesting foreclosure case because the auction sale actually resulted in surplus proceeds of $56,352, of which Faulk gets roughly half.

Not great, but not bad either.


Birdman Doesn’t Want to Pay His Electricity Bill Either, Allegedly

Who the hell wants to pay a $9,000 electrician bill? Definitely not Cash Money co-founder Birdman, according to new court documents, and now the electrician’s going after the rap mogul’s $14.5 million Miami mansion.

A company called Always On Electric claims it recently performed $12,000 worth of repair work on Birdman’s giant home on Miami’s exclusive Palm Island, but Birdman only paid about $3,000.

Always On has now placed a lien against Birdman’s spot to force him to pay the balance.

It’s no surprise the bill is so enormous. Birdman’s house is 19,000 square feet (9 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms). He bought it in 2012 after bankrupt coked-out Scott Storch lost the place to foreclosure.