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Kendrick Lamar House — Rapper Drops Totally Reasonable $524,000 On Un-Rappiest Crib in California

Kendrick Lamar, arguably the hottest rapper out right now, is starting a revolutionary new trend in hip hop: buying a house that doesn’t look like it was once owned by a billionaire drug lord.

According to official records, Lamar recently purchased a modest 4-bedroom home in Eastvale, CA for $523,500, a far cry from his hip hop brethren posted up in multimillion-dollar mansions in L.A.’s ritzy Bel Air neighborhood or Atlanta’s Buckhead.


The lot where the house is located is listed at roughly 7,800 square feet, so the house is much smaller — and it’s also located a good hour east of Los Angeles, smack in the pleasantly affordable middle of nowhere (relatively speaking).

It’s a pretty big statement, even if Kendrick didn’t intend to make it. In the rap world, Kendrick stands virtually alone in his rejection of material temptations.


Take Tyga for example. The 24-year-old reportedly purchased a 9,280 square foot mansion in L.A.’s wealthy Calabasas neighborhood for $6.5 MILLION in 2012. Tyga is two years younger than Kendrick, and on top of that, GQ never named Tyga “Rapper of the Year.”

And don’t even get us started on Rick Ross and his new “Rich Forever” chin tattoo, which has undoubtedly cursed him to be poor again very soon.

Rick Ross Chin Tattoo

Of course, Kendrick’s simple home purchase isn’t all that shocking. He has previously expressed indignation over unflattering rap stereotypes (the heavy drinking, the drugs, the womanizing, the ridiculous over-the-top lifestyles). Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, the head of Kendrick’s label TDE Records, even blasted the GQ “Rapper of the Year” article for dwelling upon rap stereotypes and the “drama” of hip hop instead of on Kendrick’s accomplishments. A fair point.

In his infamous “Control” verse, Kendrick criticizes his fellow rappers for losing their focus on music and obsessing over their image instead: “I’m uncoachable, I’m unsociable, fuck y’all clubs / Fuck y’all pictures, your Instagram can gobble these nuts” and later “I ain’t rockin’ no more designer shit / White T’s and Nike Cortez, this red Corvette’s anonymous.”

Kendrick (reportedly) doesn’t even drink or smoke, so it’s unsurprising his austere lifestyle choices would extent to his real estate investments.

Without even trying, Kendrick is setting a positive example for other rappers, but as long as rappers like Rick Ross keep spitting about Maybachs and drugging women before having sex with their unconscious bodies, Kendrick faces an uphill battle.

But one probably worth fighting. Click below for more pics of Kendrick’s new digs.


131 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar House — Rapper Drops Totally Reasonable $524,000 On Un-Rappiest Crib in California”

    1. u clearly don’t read right because it said “The lot where the house is located is listed at roughly 7,800 square feet, so the house is much smaller”

    2. They never said the house was 7800 sq ft, read again…..

      “The LOT where the house is located is listed at roughly 7,800 square feet, so the house is much smaller”

      1. $500k is an average cost for a condo in Cali. So to find a house for that you have to go to the outskirts a little. He ain’t from Texas, he’s from Cali so reasonable is based on where he resides. Texas weather ain’t got shit on Cali weather. That’s why our cost of living is higher here, among other things. Much love to Kendrick Lamaar for not being the stereotypical industry black man.

    3. it dosn’t matter. it’s good to see a african american blessed with or do something good! just be happy!

    1. Not really.

      A rapper is a role model for no one, regardless of how conservative his investment portfolio. A good role model would be a teacher that teaches these kids how the real world works, and to stop chasing ridiculous 1 in a million odds of becoming a rapper or professional sports player.

      “WELL, didn’t get that basketball scholarship, and Dre wasn’t feeling my act. Back to selling drugs on the streets cuz I haven’t ever learned any better!”

      1. I’m in grad school for Education. Teachers are useless now. This is a world of neoliberalism and biomedicalization of black and brown kids. Kendrick is the truth! Say what u would like but I think ur kind of ignorant and a typical middle-class American. The real world is that money isn’t real. It’s man-made and now we have internet (electronic info & money) and mass school shootings, corrupt police, corrupt politicians, corrupt lobbyists and other bs that America created itself. That’s the real world. Corporate America is just the fad for this era. That’s not reality. That’s not what life is even actually about. I’m sry you operate in a bubble & probably sit & watch the news & believe it. There’s more that you have noooo idea about and probably never will. Open up ur eyes and maybe you will catch a glimpse. God bless ya.

        1. @ Dori Lane – Those are the ravings of an idiot, not a grad student. Within the misspelled onslaught of crap you, a grad student, call a legitimate argument, I found absolutely nothing of worth. You are a complete idiot. You undermine the work of teachers (a noble profession) everywhere despite the fact that you are in training to become one. You should do the future generations of students a favor and quit now.

          1. Does her mini-rant make you look any less foolish? You cannot even get a point across without calling someone an idiot. LOL You’re both 0 and 0.

      2. I am a 50+, white, rural, male- not exactly the type who’d be following the rap scene. In fact I really don’t like most rap because it’s too disconnected for my liking.
        But, to say that a rapper is NOT a role model seems disconnected as well. Everyone on the planet is a role model of some kind, to someone. Whether they are leading someone the correct way or not is the question.
        Can a teacher be a role model? Absolutely. But they can lead someone the wrong direction as well. For a professional athlete to say, “I ain’t no role model” misses the point. For an actor to think that what they are doing in private is not seen and thus shouldn’t matter to their fans also misses the point.
        Every career and every relationship is designed to be an opportunity to lead and teach and if Kendrick is leading his fellow rappers to a more socially responsible, conservative and well rounded lifestyle, then good for him. BTW, he is also showing his young fans that when you make a good amount of money this week you are not required to spend it all by Saturday night.
        Use the platform that you have to the best of your ability.
        I say, “Good job Kendrick”.
        All, IMHO, Grandpa Chuck.

      3. A role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated. Just because you hold the title teacher or any other title for that matter doesn’t automatically place you in the category of a role model. It’s the action of promoting a positive influence on self and those that surround you that should be imitated by others. We love to bash, call out and blame others. We are also a nation of people that always looking for the negative…CHILL THE FREAK OUT…and let the man get his shine for making a modest purchase, which to me states “just because I got it, don’t mean I have to waste it”. He purchased smart, cause what the other show offs fail to realize is that with that big ticket purchase come big ticket prices, starting with the main one TAXES.

      4. Yes. I agree. Be a regular person and don’t ever aspire to be anything but average. Let’s start a dream killing spree. Only average people say things like that.
        No what they need to reinforce is that talent only gets you so far. Discipline makes all the difference. Not hating on people who have aspirations that are a little higher than what you believe you can attain.

  1. Damn you gonna get off Kendrick’s dick any time soon? He bought a house it’s not some socio-economic political statement it’s a house. Chill.

        1. He probably just bought the house to grow chronic so since its just a grow house I guess it doesn’t have to b that big ya dig !

    1. Apparently you have a hard time with your reading comprehension here. “It’s a pretty big statement, even if Kendrick didn’t intend to make it.” You don’t think it’s a statement because you will never own a mansion or be able to afford one. A normal house is a normal house to you, and it will be the best you can get. This guy has made more than enough money to buy several, and in anti-rapper style, HE DIDN’T. Whether you like it or not, and whether he intended it or not, IT IS A STATEMENT.

        1. Yeah, I’d prefer a regular house, as well. Maybe 3-4 bedrooms, that’s all. Just as long as the kitchen is big and has an island. I think that’s what it’s called,

    2. Actually it is a big deal in the black community, where “turning up” is considered normal and he doesn’t even drink or smoke…he didn’t choose to waste his money, instead he bought a regular house so he could probably invest unlike many other black rappers today trying to buy mansions and pussy!

  2. Kendrick Lamar doesn’t smoke regularly, he has said he does on occasions, and he does drink. It’s a common misconception.

    1. damn first of all calm down with that “drugging women before having sex with their unconcious bodies” bullshit. in the song ross says “put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it”. molly doesn’t put you to sleep it does the exact opposite. why don’t we do some research before puttin people on blast like this. also yea it’s obviously a great financial call to buy a more affordable house like this. maybe kendrick just doesn’t wanna be broke by the time he’s 30 like half of these dumbass rappers who blow all their money on dumbass shit.

      1. You’re not seriously sitting here trying to justify slipping drugs in women’s drinks are you? Regardless of what the effects of the drugs are, it’s still considering drugging someone without their knowledge or consent. Furthermore, their altered state of mind makes them unable to legally consent to sex. So yeah…Rick Ross deserves to be put on blast.

        1. the point isn’t whether or not slippin drugs in anybody’s drink is wrong, obviously it is and nobody including rick ross should ever do it. the point is that the article is factually incorrect

      2. He also says “I took her home and she enjoyed that, She didn’t even know it” pretty sure that’s also self explanatory

      3. he also said, “took her home and enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it”

        thats rape,
        rick ross definitely tries to make rape sound cool in that song, but its really not
        so yeah do some research

        1. You are all dumb asses because y’all keep beating that dead horse aka the Rick Ross Molly line. Think of all the sick shit Eminem has said. Do y’all still scrutinize him? What about these rock and roll and metal artist who said even worse shit? Y’all niggas need To stop being so damn sensitive and either enjoy the music or move on. Smh

          1. There’s no comparison between Eminem and Rick Ross lyrics or tones in rap. Eminem’s a dark comedian – Rick Ross, frien, is NOT.

          2. First of there is no comparison to Rick Ross and Eminem, Eminem raps about his life and the thoughts that went through his head in that situation, in majority of his raps. Rick Ross raps about dumb shit that makes him look like a fool, rapist, and makes him looks like all the other rappers who do nothing but rap about the car they drive, the “bitches” they fuck, the drugs they do, etc. I respect Kendrick Lamar because he raps about his struggles growing up in Cali.

          3. Q-Dawg

            You , my friend, are a dumbass. You missed the whole point. Music is music, if u don’t like what the person is saying, feel free to cut it off. Way too many ppl are sensitive to what these ppl say. Ignore the fact that everyone is calling each other bitches and hoes now because at one point niggas was sesnsitive about that. This nigga talk a bout a lil Molly in a females drink and niggas go overboard. Who gives a fuck if Eminem is a “dark comedian” or not. Get over it. It’s sensitive ppl like you and these other idiots that are the reason kids can’t play tag at school and why gay niggas getting the right to go into whatever bathroom they want smh

      4. My homie died off the molly cuz he went to sleep….and NEVER woke up….so yes, I agree…do some research

      5. Wow….. hes drugging the female….. u cant tell me if u take drugs ur gonna be in the same mind state or condition as u would with out therefore hes changin a girls conscience. … like huh

      6. The message is clear. He was talking abt drugging women. That’s pathetic from whatever way you look at it. I hate those types of ppl. They aren’t role models they are sellouts. Shoutout to Kendrick and his crew! And my ppl who know him :) y’all are the truth!!!

    2. He fucked up (Rick Ross)…by making a rap about raping women like it’s okay…when secual assault is at an all time HIGH…..he lost his endorsements all by himself…he is to blame for HIS fuck ups

    3. If they don’t want people’s opinions, then stop taking people’s money and working in a profession that puts you under constant media scrutiny.

    4. “let these rappers live without people opinions” makes zero goddamn sense you moron. They make music that’s all about their material possessions and abusing women. Fuck all of them, especially Fatty Ross.

    1. And, you are exactly the type of gold digging ho that isn’t #wifematerial. How materialistic can you be? For all you know, he beats the crap out of his women. But hey, long as he has a big pool. Man, the stupidity in this world.

  3. Why are ppl acting like this is reasonable? Reasonable would be for him to Houston and buy that same house for $150k and not half a million. This was a dumb article!

    1. You clearly must not know the property values in Cali. For Cali it is highly comparable to a 150k house in Houston.

    2. You are basing your opinion of one of the cheapest and low income states in the US. Cali has a much higher percentage of growth in consideration of “reasonable purchasing”. You are an idiot, if you think half a million dollars in Cali, is a lot of money. Do your research Mr. Lay Houston

    3. Because it is reasonable… Sorry to burst your bubble, but for 150K you’re not getting more than an apt. in the projects…

      1. Not to be taking sides with Lay, but as a native of Houston, TX, you can get a really nice size house gor $150K. Just check out areas like Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita and such.

  4. One of my favorite rappers that doesn’t lose sight of himself nor what he stands for. Something that I cannot say for some of my other favorite rappers. This is a great testament to humility and loyalty to one’s values, one that I hope our youth as well as our older generation can learn something from. Kudos Kendrick.

  5. if rick ross is braggin about drugging women and having sex with them, Ima find dat fat piece of shit and put a slug in his new tatoo. fat slob homo nigga

  6. They didn’t say anything about the hidden basement. Extra 2,450 sq. ft of living space and it goes 3 stories down where the recording studio is.

  7. Kdot A great example of a real person, instead of those useless dumb rappers who place material value over musical substance.

  8. you guys know that artist who signs a major deals today dont even get 1/10 of what an artist would have got 10 years ago?? means he fucking cant afford something bigger. so the decision aint hard a flat in la for 500 would be pretty tiny

  9. lol reasonable is $524,000? Guess I’ll never be able to move to cali!! My rent is like 450 a month in this apartment!! lol

    1. Just to give you an idea on SoCal housing costs, I live in Eastvale currently, but I used to have a ghetto one bedroom townhouse near Disneyland (about 40mins away) and it was $1450 a month. lol. I’d LOVE a $450 a month place.

      1. Lauren and Scorpio da Kidd makes me feel lucky to be living in Houston, TX. Rent is much cheaper. Now you will get what you paid for, though. By the way, $450 a month, is pretty cheap.

  10. Great look for Kendrick. Although just because he purchased the house doesn’t mean he will reside there. All we know he could’ve bought this for his parents. Either way, Kudos.

  11. $524,000 is not reasonable to us who don’t have that kind of income. But when someone who undoubtly afford a multi- million dollar house and settles for something that cost over 50% less then the norm…………I would agree for him that is very reasonable. If he wanted to live in TX I am pretty sure he would have paid less but he wants to live in Cali and it’s cost more in that area.

    1. It’s what he said…or do you not know…”put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it”….”I took her home and enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it”…that’s RAPE…PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Most of you have “clearly” missed the purpose of this article. Instead of wasting your words on belittling your fellow peers, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you take pleasure in using your “matter of fact ideology” to boost your ego. Who cares how big the lot size is, who is more knowledgable in California’s real estate crap, or how much he paid for the “lot.” The fact is, he is a real person, plain and simple; moreover, if he were to read the above posts, I’m sure that he would be disgusted with how quick we are to demonize one another.


  13. A lot of people on this comments thread are fools.
    He did something really great because it was really practical. I hope it catches on at all levels in our communities. Others build wealth because they don’t lose their heads. Maybe we can start too.

    And living in Cali is practical when you are in entertainment. He would constantly have to fly out to work racking up big flight charges if he lived somewhere else, canceling out the benefits of the cheaper price.

  14. You don’t know his net worth he a new artist so he may be worth 2m which wouldn’t make this great. Ross is worth a lot more he has rappers under him that have sold as much or more then kdot, so he can spend more.

  15. I think its pretty crappy to act like this is a “rapper” thing…like pop stars, actors & actresses, sports stars, country stars, etc… aren’t known for their huge million dollar mansions…it was them on lifestyles of the rich & famous that created that scene, there weren’t blacks on that show..& since then, you see Forbes every year list the wealthiest entertainers & their multimillion dollar mansions & none of them are rappers…so stop with the “he’s doing what other rappers don’t do” its more like he’s doing what ALL genre’s of entertainment young stars aren’t doing…NON rappers included…

    This insinuates that he’s smarter than other “rappers’ by doing this. why only rappers? How does his house compare to Miley Cyrus’s house? or Justin Beiber? How does his house compare to Madonna or Taylor Swifts home? Lady Gaga’s house? why is it implied that its just rappers who buy big houses again? Also there was always rappers who did this, like Redman on an episode of MTV Cribs

    1. Because rappers are black and the world feels like rappers (black people) don’t deserve nice things.

      We do it.. it’s flashy and outlandish. They do it and it doesn’t even get acknowledged.

      1. Who the hell said black people don’t deserve nice things? Welfare assholes don’t deserve anything beyond the barest of essentials, white or black. You work for what you want.

      2. Daaamn Tesco! You personally feel that black folks don’t deserve nice things??
        That’s some harsh ‘ish!

  16. You are all foolish enough to care how a rapper spends his money as opposed to what he positive deeds he does for society and our communities with the fruits of his verses and curses.
    Tyga and Ross set no positive examples of real doing good and are not positive role models for our men growing up. They promote a dead end excessive short term selfish materialistic life which is not based on education and a long term view to making a better society or communities.
    KDot buys practically and modestly and relatively close to “work”. For me he is a success. Who needs to care if he has to buy a big place for parties, bitches, hoes and mollly?

  17. First of who cares about how many square feet the house or land is. This young man bought his very first home and because he is a big tyme rapper ya’ll feel he is barely touching a rapper status. Well guess what someone raised him right, for the rap game is as temporary as playing pro ball, so he has to eat tomorrow and feed himself and eventually his family until he leaves this world. His house is payed for, taxes maintenance bill and life still to follow. So you let jay-z and all the rest have their mansions, in the end when things began to fail and it always does, Kendrick Lamar will be at home in his 560.000 dollar home, watching it on tv just like the rest of us. Cudo’s to your very responsible thinking son, I wish you many happy years snd great memories in your new home.


  19. This article just assumes he bought the house for himself (assuming it’s true he bought it). Lazy, lazy journalism.

  20. How bout teach difference of a title and deed… Nd forget the house who land is it.. But good try..ppl gotta build for they nation.. The right way

  21. The negative responses in this thread are case and point the problem within the black community. So busy tearing another brother down and diluting his accomplishments to validate your own inadequacies. Kendrick Lamar is not vying for any of our approval which in itself is commendable and therefore makes him brighter and better than 99% of rappers/entertainers today!! The ignorant bashes on the writer of the story and his/ or her personal opinions/ comparisons is irrelevant. The article was written and publicized with positive intentions. Yet uneducated, uninformed, low-self-esteem, people can only see flaws and inconsistencies. Smdh! How anyone can defend Rick Ross is beyond me. I’m both happy for and proud of Kendrick Lamar! He is a refreshing surprise in a desert of dim witted materialistic jerks.

  22. Nice house, it’s big enough for a family and plenty of room Kendrick alone. However, if other rappers choose to spend their money on mansions that’s cool… Sounds like the author really despises most rappers and their spending habits… Very biases article but we are all entitled to our opinions…

  23. stoked i was taking a shit while filing through one of the most ignorant threads to pop up ever. so sad that a dude can’t buy a legit fucking house in eastvale (have you beeen to eastvale?!) without some exploit tactic blog writing it up and a shit ton of people ragging on every word. everyone is p much obssessed with the money they’re helping artists make versus the shit those artists are trying to get you to listen to. kinda proving all the bullshit right. this is our generation- wow.

  24. Kendrick I hope the realtors told u about to cow s*** smell, I’ll get used to it! Welcome to the neighborhood!

  25. But what if he bought it for his mom or something? Just csuse he bought it dont mean its for him. I hope it is though. It’ll be a nice statement. #salue

  26. Why does it matter what kind of house he buys? The only celebs who get scrutinized for these types of things are blacks. Why? Because people can’t bear the fact that someone who they feel is lesser than them cab be more financially successful. So when these people spend money like they are rich, they get shit. However, when the make “smart” choices and live wayyy below their means then it is praised because these haters don’t have to feel bad about there uneventful lives.

  27. Why does it matter what kind of house he buys? The only celebs who get scrutinized for these types of things are blacks. Why? Because people can’t bear the fact that someone who they feel is lesser than them cab be more financially successful. So when these people spend money like they are rich, they get shit. However, when the make “smart” choices and live wayyy below their means then it is praised because these haters don’t have to feel bad about their uneventful lives.

  28. Kendrick is being smart with his money and live modesty, unlike most of the rappers today, they will not make that much money in the game while they are here, we heard so many stories of entertainers and athletes are broke and spend too much and have not save anything for when hard times comes, not everyone will be on top forever, so you might as well save what you can, I respect him and like him more for this and not being the stereotypical rapper we hear all the time.

  29. Small house???? What fuck you need a big ass for?? He has no kids that we know of that shit is perfect. When he ready to get something bigger he will. Tyga dumb ass will be an after thought in a couple of years and his shit will be foreclosed on.

  30. I can’t read all the posts here- too many and many are completely missing the point.
    I have no idea what race those commenting are, but I am assuming many are of the same ethnic background as Mr. Lamar.
    When a man, who happens to be a rapper and a very good one at that, decides to be conservative with his money in today’s spend 100x what you make- that’s a statement and a very good one.
    When someone decides to live below their means when many in similar occupations go the other way- that’s a statement and a very good one.
    Mr. Lamar didn’t write the article so don’t get on his case for the Rick Ross comments. Mr. Lamar is doing a good thing- making a statement to his fellow rapper and hopefully to many of his fans that just because you make a pile of money this week doesn’t mean that you have to have it all spent, and then some, by Saturday. That’s counter-cultural in America and especially in the world that he lives in.
    I, for one, say “Good job Mr. Lamar for making a statement and a good one.”
    Don’t be hating on him just because you’re not in his shoes. If you are black you should be very proud of your brother who is setting a great example of what it mans to be a leader.
    If you’re an American you should be very proud of your brother who is setting an example of what it means to live below your means.
    If you’re a Black American you should be very proud of this man who is very counter-cultural to many in your group today.
    He’s done a good thing and he’s being the example of what it means to take your leadership role seriously when given a platform.
    I don’t know him, have never listened to his music and may never listen to it, but he’s doing what he should be doing.

  31. Shout out to all the people in this comment section arguing about the sq ft of a house they DON’T live in. Just say “Good Job Kendrick” and keep it moving.

  32. Who the hell cares. not the first time sombodies bought a house in California – rapper or not. As market value in California goes, 500k is very reasonable with the potential of a return if he was to sell in the future. As for the multi million dollar mansions, the purchasers are running a very high risk – but if you have the money to spare, by all means, buy the house if you think it makes you happy. I’m not saying that Ross is a good role model, but shouldn’t society be worrying about real world problems like basic needs within its own environments such as health care, education… before judging how the other half of the world lives? Quite frankly, having a regular 9 to 5, bringing up two children on a average monthly salary, I am not in the position to judge other people whether they are famous or not because i have yet to purchase a 500k property let alone a multi-million property.

  33. The dude grew up in the projects in Compton. Why is it so hard for you guys to think maybe he kept on to his mind state of being blessed from having nothing to what he has now? He seems like a super humble guy in interviews.

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