Faizon Love male nurse

Faizon Love Male Nurse? Actor Sued Over 1987 Nursing School Loan — He Wanted to Be a Focker

You can milk just about anything with nipples, but you can’t milk the U.S. government. Eight years before his big break in the 1995 hit “Friday,” 19-year-old Faizon Love wanted to be a male nurse, but he couldn’t afford his student bills. Now, his past is coming back to haunt him in a big way, in the form of a lawsuit.

Uncle Sam, on behalf of the Department of Education, has sued Love over an outstanding student loan debt from 1987. The principal allegedly totals $1,435.13, but adding a quarter century of interest, the United States of America says Love now owes the government all of $4,309.27 plus whatever interest has continued to accrue.

According to official documents, Love filed the federal student loan application in NYC on August 17, 1987, asking for $2,625 to help cover his tuition at the American Business Institute in Queens.

The American Business Institute — in addition to providing home healthcare services — specializes in training people to become home healthcare professionals, such as nurses and home health aides.

It’s unclear if Love ever finished the program, but according to Uncle Sam, he never settled his bills and now it’s time to pay the piper.

Bonus: here’s Faizon’s butt.


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