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NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk’s Beachfront Home Sold at Foreclosure Auction

If NFL legend Marshall Faulk isn’t safe in this economy, no one is. Guy just lost his peach beachfront Florida condo at a foreclosure auction.

According to new official records, Faulk’s home hit the auction block in October and was sold for $184,200.

Faulk was sued by his bank in 2012 after he allegedly defaulted on his $112,300 loan.

It’s an interesting foreclosure case because the auction sale actually resulted in surplus proceeds of $56,352, of which Faulk gets roughly half.

Not great, but not bad either.


Birdman Doesn’t Want to Pay His Electricity Bill Either, Allegedly

Who the hell wants to pay a $9,000 electrician bill? Definitely not Cash Money co-founder Birdman, according to new court documents, and now the electrician’s going after the rap mogul’s $14.5 million Miami mansion.

A company called Always On Electric claims it recently performed $12,000 worth of repair work on Birdman’s giant home on Miami’s exclusive Palm Island, but Birdman only paid about $3,000.

Always On has now placed a lien against Birdman’s spot to force him to pay the balance.

It’s no surprise the bill is so enormous. Birdman’s house is 19,000 square feet (9 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms). He bought it in 2012 after bankrupt coked-out Scott Storch lost the place to foreclosure.