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Michael Keaton Blames Producers for ‘Merry Gentlemen’ Bomb: I’m an Artist, You Are Fartists

Michael Keaton is refusing to take the blame after his 2008 movie “Merry Gentlemen,” which be both starred in and directed, bombed, claiming the film’s producers are actually the ones who ruined his masterpiece.

Keaton was originally sued by the production company behind the film. Merry Gentleman, LLC, claims Keaton squandered the company’s $4 million budget, offering up a subpar directing performance, insisting on using his inferior final cut of the film, and ultimately failing to promote the film in any meaningful way.

The film went on to gross $322,581 at the box office.

But Keaton is pointing the finger back at producers. Keaton has filed his own lawsuit against Merry Gentlemen, LLC, alleging MG screened a version of the film at Sundance that he hadn’t approved. He also claims MG provided him with lousy editors.

Keaton claims MG not only violated their agreement by failing to give him last word on the final cut, but used the film as a vessel to further their own personal interests. In one instance, Keaton claims a producer insisted on including his twins in a scene for no artistic reason whatsoever, then demanded that scene be included in the Sundance version of the film.

Keaton is adamant that his cut of the movie was artistically and commercially superior than the producer’s. He’s suing for breach of contract and more, demanding unspecified damages.


“Revolution” Extra Sues NBC Over Fallen Gate: I’m Permanently Injured!

Forget Watergate. This is GATEGATE. An extra from “Revolution” has filed a lawsuit against NBC, claiming an enormous gate fell on her while she was working on set and caused her permanent injuries.

In addition to NBC, Maria Fordyce filed the suit against Castle Rock Entertainment and Bad Robot Productions, claiming she was on set in Texas last November when the gate fell on her, causing her permanent physical impairment, pain, and mental suffering.

Fordyce claims the gate fell due to unreasonably dangerous work conditions. She wants at least $100,000 in damages.

For their part, NBC and the other defendants filed a response, insisting the gate accident was Fordyce’s fault and hers alone. According to their response, she failed to follow proper safety precautions, resulting in the heavy gate falling on her.

NBC wants the lawsuit dismissed.


“Conjuring” Producer Sues New Line: Release Sequel Over My Dead Body

The producer behind horror blockbuster “The Conjuring” has filed a lawsuit against New Line Cinema, claiming the studio stiffed him on a huge chunk of profits from the movie, and now he wants to block New Line from releasing the sequel it’s planning.

New Line has already set a “Conjuring 2″  release date for pre-Halloween 2015, but if Tony DeRosa-Grund gets his way, the movie will never go to production.

DeRosa-Grund has sued New Line as well as Warner Bros. Entertainment, alleging he owns the rights to the life stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the real-life paranormal investigators on whose case studies “The Conjuring” is based.

DeRosa-Grund claims he purchased the rights to the Warrens’ life stories fives years ago, as well as the rights to all of their bizarre case studies, and entered into a deal with New Line to produce “The Conjuring” based on one of these studies.

Now, DeRosa-Grund claims New Line has gone rogue, developing a “Conjuring” sequel starring the Warrens (played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) without his permission. If New Line wants to do a sequel, DeRosa-Grund says he better get paid for it.

DeRosa-Grund also alleges New Line shafted him on profits from the original movie, claiming “The Conjuring” grossed $318 million worldwide on just a $20 million budget.

DeRosa-Grund wants a judge to put a stop to New Line’s “Conjuring” sequel and order the studio to pay him any money he’s owed from the original film.