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Mario Chalmers Child Support

Mario Chalmers Child Support — Miami Heat Guard Ordered to Pay $10,000 a Month to Queen Elizabeth

Miami Heat‘s starting point guard Mario Chalmers would rather spend more money on vacations every month than on his baby daughter, this according to new court documents, so the judge in his child support case has ordered an increase in the NBA star’s monthly payments … from $2,600 to $10,000.

Oh yeah, before we forget. The daughter in question is literally named Queen Elizabeth. Now back to the story.

Queen Elizabeth’s mother Brittany Burrough filed court documents last year asking to order Chalmers to pay more child support, claiming Chalmers’ lifestyle had become grossly lavish ever since he signed his gargantuan 2011 contract with the Heat (3-year $12 million) which increased his monthly salary from roughly $70,000 to $400,000.


And she’s right: the judge notes Chalmers currently spends roughly $22,000 per month on housing, $10,000 per month on his personal assistant, $5,000 per month on vacations, and $1,600 per month on clothing and various other expenses.

Meanwhile, Burrough, Queen Elizabeth’s primary caregiver, lives with her sister, was recently laid off, and earns only $1,000 a month. Not exactly the same league.

On top of that, Burrough claimed she wanted to get additional education (for her sake as well as for her daughter’s) but she had neither the time nor money to do so. The documents also show Chalmers rarely even sees QE.

Considering all this, the judge ruled it was only fair to give Burrough a massive raise in monthly child support.

Chalmers was also ordered to pay retroactive child support from the date Burrough filed her request for additional child support: a total of $155,000.

God save the Queen.


Bryant McKinnie Settled Strip Club Lawsuit for $150K

Turns out Bryant McKinnie‘s infamous $375,000 strip club bill wasn’t as “bogus” as he said it was; the 350-pound unemployed offensive tackle has finally agreed to pay off a huge chunk of the alleged debt. $150,000 to be exact. Which, for the average person, equals roughly 4,000 lap dances, not including tip.

According to new court documents, McKinnie recently struck the settlement agreement with Trick Daddy‘s father Charles “Pops” Young after Young sued McKinnie for $375,000 in 2012.

Young claimed McKinnie ran up the bill over a 20-month period at two of his strip clubs, including the Miami staple King of Diamonds. According to Young, McKinnie promised to pay the bill back in 2010, but never did. It’s unclear how McKinnie ran up such an astronomical tab, but apparently it’s not all that uncommon.

In fact, relatively speaking, it’s not even that impressive. Rick Ross, Diddy, and a bunch of rapper friends once reportedly spent $1 million at King of Diamonds in a single night.

But McKinnie’s story is still more interesting. Immediately following Young’s filing, McKinnie fully denied the bill, saying in an interview, “What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab? It just sounds stupid to me. I’ve never heard of this in my life. This is bogus to me.”

So, that McKinnie has agreed to cover a chunk of the bill, even just 40% of it, suggests it wasn’t such a “bogus” lawsuit after all.

He’s already gone to work, too. According to the new documents, McKinnie has already paid $37,000. He still has to pay $113,000, which isn’t a huge chunk of change for someone who’s earned several million dollars every year since he was drafted to the Minnesota Vikings in 2002, but it’s still pretty big.

Especially considering McKinnie is currently a free agent.



The Rock Unloads Florida Condo For Staggering $500 Profit

Never question The Rock‘s real estate prowess: Dwayne “Donald Trump” Johnson just unloaded a Florida condo for a $500 profit. And the best part, he’ll probably only see $250.

Rock and his ex-wife Dany Garcia purchased the 2-bedroom 2-bathroom Pembroke Pines condo back in 2003 — when they were still married — for $97,500. It’s a nice little place with lake views, located in a gated community.

The house just sold for $98,000 — yielding an impressive $500 return on their investment — but since the house is considered community property from his marriage, The Rock is likely to see only half of that.

Not like he needs the money anyway.


Man Sues NBA for $1.5 MILLION After Falling Down Stairs

A man is claiming it’s the NBA’s fault he fell down a flight of stairs and broke his ankle, and now he wants $1.5 million.

Shane Albert Decker of Laredo, TX, filed the lawsuit against the NBA, claiming he was setting up the audio system for the pre-game Bud-Light/Sprint concert during All-Star Weekend in February when he took the spill.

Decker says he was traversing a set of steel stairs, while on the job, when someone turned out the lights and he lost his footing, causing him to fall down. He claims the situation was made even worse by the fact that he couldn’t see the bottom stair, which was black.

Decker says he pretty much injured his entire body during the fall — bones, tendons, nerves, muscles — and even broke his ankle, requiring expensive surgery that involved screws and pins. He claims the accident caused him severe humiliation and emotional distress.

Decker now wants $1.5 million in damages, claiming the stairs were dangerous from the start — and it’s the NBA’s fault for letting anyone near them.


Jason Varitek’s Baby Mom: Stop Blowing Off My Text Messages

The mother of Jason Varitek‘s three children is getting really, really pissed off with the silent treatment.

Karen Wood just filed legal documents, asking a court to modify the ex-couple’s pre-existing custody arrangement because she feels Jason isn’t being a forthcoming and responsive parent.

She wants it modified as follows: 1) each parent must inform the other one week prior to taking the kids out of town, and 2) each parent must respond to emergency texts/emails immediately (and non-emergency texts/emails within 24 hours).

She also wants the court to appoint a co-parenting counselor.

We’ll admit, there’s nothing worse than the dreaded “read” message receipt with no response.


NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk’s Beachfront Home Sold at Foreclosure Auction

If NFL legend Marshall Faulk isn’t safe in this economy, no one is. Guy just lost his peach beachfront Florida condo at a foreclosure auction.

According to new official records, Faulk’s home hit the auction block in October and was sold for $184,200.

Faulk was sued by his bank in 2012 after he allegedly defaulted on his $112,300 loan.

It’s an interesting foreclosure case because the auction sale actually resulted in surplus proceeds of $56,352, of which Faulk gets roughly half.

Not great, but not bad either.