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Christopher Lowell Sues the Bejesus Out of Office Depot: You Took My Stapler, Now Pay

Interior decorating guru Christopher Lowell is going Milton Waddams all over Office Depot, suing the retail giant for hundreds of thousands of dollars over his line of office supplies. Including staplers. But the timing might be terrible: Office Depot just announced it’s closing 400 stores.

Lowell filed the lawsuit last week in Florida, claiming he entered into a licensing agreement with OD to market and sell his signature office supplies from 2008-2012 – pencil cups, hole punchers, staplers, staple REMOVERS,  computer desks, armoires, you name it – but OD majorly shortchanged him on the royalties.

Lowell claims Office Depot continues to owe him $194,190.73 in unpaid royalties, despite his attempts to get paid, and now he wants interest on top of that, plus attorneys’ fees, and court costs.

But wait, there’s more! According to Lowell, the damages don’t end there. Lowell says OD continued to sell his products through 2013 (and today) despite having no signed agreement in place, which, he argues, would make Office Depot guilty of trademark infringement. Lowell claims he’s entitled to triple damages for trademark infringement alone.

In other words, Lowell’s going after Office Depot with a vengeance, and if we know anything about Christopher Lowell, it’s going to be a bloodbath. Especially now that, as AP reported, Office Depot plans to close 21% of its 1,900 store locations in the wake of its merger with OfficeMax.

WEIRD FACT: Christopher Lowell is his professional name. According to the legal documents, Christopher’s real name is Richard Madden. What.