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Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress Sues Bellagio, Denies Fellating Man on Casino Floor

A former Las Vegas cocktail waitress is suing the Bellagio for assault, battery, false imprisonment, and sex discrimination, claiming she was falsely accused of openly performing oral sex on a man inside the casino … fired … then held against her will and ruthlessly interrogated for 7 hours.

Lindsay Gambit filed the lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada, claiming she was abruptly fired in 2011, after 8 years of faithful service, when her superiors falsely accused her of “getting fingered,” “giving a blowjob,” and “having sex” in plain view inside the casino.

Gambit claims she was given her job back after surveillance video showed she was innocent, but the harassment from her Bellagio supervisors continued. Gambit claims they continually spread rumors about her engaging in sexual conduct at the casino, even though she insists she did not.

Gambit says she complained and was eventually fired again in 2012, except this time she was dragged into an interrogation room by Bellagio security guards. She claims the director of security Ray Brown subjected her to an “abusive and unlawful” 7-hour interrogation about her alleged involvement in a credit card fraud scheme.

According to the lawsuit, Brown suspected Gambit was in cahoots with a casino customer who was using a fraudulent credit card.

During the interrogation, Gambit claims Brown repeatedly called her things like “white trash,” “piece of shit,” and “low life.” Gambit says she was terrified and tried to contact her lawyer, but Brown ripped her phone out of her hands. She says that’s when cops showed up and continued the interrogation.

According to the lawsuit, Lindsay was ultimately booked and charged in connection with the alleged credit card scheme, but she continues to fight the charges.

After she left Bellagio for good, Gambit says Brown continued to spread rumors about her working as a prostitute in the casino. She claims the entire ordeal has left her emotionally scarred. She claims she can’t eat, she can’t sleep, and her reputation has been permanently tarnished.

She’s suing for big money, well in excess of $50,000.