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Faizon Love male nurse

Faizon Love Male Nurse? Actor Sued Over 1987 Nursing School Loan — He Wanted to Be a Focker

You can milk just about anything with nipples, but you can’t milk the U.S. government. Eight years before his big break in the 1995 hit “Friday,” 19-year-old Faizon Love wanted to be a male nurse, but he couldn’t afford his student bills. Now, his past is coming back to haunt him in a big way, in the form of a lawsuit.

Uncle Sam, on behalf of the Department of Education, has sued Love over an outstanding student loan debt from 1987. The principal allegedly totals $1,435.13, but adding a quarter century of interest, the United States of America says Love now owes the government all of $4,309.27 plus whatever interest has continued to accrue.

According to official documents, Love filed the federal student loan application in NYC on August 17, 1987, asking for $2,625 to help cover his tuition at the American Business Institute in Queens.

The American Business Institute — in addition to providing home healthcare services — specializes in training people to become home healthcare professionals, such as nurses and home health aides.

It’s unclear if Love ever finished the program, but according to Uncle Sam, he never settled his bills and now it’s time to pay the piper.

Bonus: here’s Faizon’s butt.



American Apparel Racist — Clothing Company Sued for Racial Profiling

Black women can’t shop at American Apparel without being accused of shoplifting and then humiliated by police. At least, that’s what one Philadelphia woman claims, and now she’s suing an AA clothing store for more than $150,000.

Lisa Horner filed the lawsuit against a local American Apparel store (3661 Walnut Street) on Wednesday, claiming she was racially profiled last year by white AA employees at that location.


According to the lawsuit, Lisa (the only black person in the store) was trying on clothes in the dressing room last November, minding her business, and when she exited, she was immediately detained by Philadelphia police officers for shoplifting.

While she was in the dressing room, Lisa claims store employees had falsely informed police she’d stolen a shirt by replacing a new shirt with an old one.

While she was detained in the store, Lisa claims police demanded to see her ID and then searched her in front of several other customers. She claims the police found nothing and she was ultimately let go, but not without lasting emotional damage.

Lisa claims she was left feeling humiliated, angry, and depressed after the experience. She’s suing for at least $150,000 to make things right.

And it’s not the first time the L.A. based clothing company has been accused of racism — bizarre racism at that.

Aside from the fact that AA’s hypersexual ad campaigns obviously skew toward fair-skinned girls, an ex-manager at one location once said she’d specifically been instructed NOT to hire “trashy” black girls. Instead, the manager said she was instructed to hire “classy” black girls, explicitly making race a determining factor in staffing decisions. Why wouldn’t AA simply have a policy against “trashy” girls in general? Why specify black? Who knows.

Then there’s that time AA was accused of using Mexican people as fashion accessories.


Then there’s that time AA published this ad featuring a 22-year-old Bangladeshi model named Maks for its “Made in Bangladesh” campaign. She was apparently fine with it, but the ad left a bad taste in people’s mouths for various reasons, mostly for its flagrant exploitation of publicity surrounding recent Bangladesh factory disasters.


And let’s not even get into American Apparel’s ugly people policy.

At this point, you’d think AA’s been in enough hot water that its employees would just shut the fuck up already.

Unless, of course, Lisa was actually stealing shit.


Prison Prankster Files Bogus Donald Sterling Lawsuit — When White People Sweat, They Smell Like Wet Bologna

When white people sweat, they smell like wet bologna. Allen Iverson killed Bill Cosby‘s son. Carmelo Anthony routinely gave white kids wedgies in high school. The movie “White Men Can’t Jump” unfairly portrays white men as subpar athletes. Black NBA players orchestrated the Donald Sterling audio leak in order to steal the Clippers from him.

These are just a handful of allegations in a bogus lawsuit filed last month by legendary troll and Pennsylvania inmate Jonathan Lee Riches, the Guinness Book of World Records’ “most litigious man in history,” famous for filing 2,600+ fake lawsuits involving celebrities like Selena Gomez , George W. Bush, Paris Hilton, Martha Stewart, and more.

In the latest suit, mailed from Riches’ prison facility in Bellafonte, PA, Riches pretends to be Donald Sterling (hilariously misspelled in the lawsuit as “Ronald Sterling”) demanding a restraining order against nearly every big-name black player in the NBA … ever … including Chris Paul, LeBron James, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, Mookie Blaylock, Spud Webb, Shawn Kemp, Allen Iverson, Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, and Lamar Odom. All told, the lawsuit lists nearly 100 defendants.

According to the lawsuit, written from Sterling’s perspective, the NBA and its black players are using him as a “political scapegoat,” using racism allegations as a way to steal the L.A. Clippers from him.
The lawsuit states, “Magic Johnson is conspiring with Commissioner Adam Silver to take the L.A. Clippers from Donald Sterling based on false racial allegations. If Mr. Sterling was a racist, the NAACP would not have him being honored with a lifetime achievement award. Obviously, they recognize this is all lies to allow the Black players to steal this team from him.”

And that’s when the lawsuit gets even crazier. Riches says Silver loves to laugh at Magic Johnson’s racist jokes about white people, including Johnson’s hilarious observation that white people smell like wet bologna when they sweat. (For the record, we can say with 99.999999% certainty, that Magic Johnson has never said anything about white people smelling like bologna.)


The prison prankster also resurrects the infamous 1991 Charles Barkley incident, when the NBA star spat into the crowd during a game and accidentally hit an 8-year-old girl (who happened to be white). Riches says there’s a double standard of racism whereby a white player would have received much harsher penalties if he spat on an 8-year-old black girl.

The entire lawsuit is blatant race-baiting trollery, designed to stir up as much controversy as possible.

This is where Riches shines, and where, since his initial incarceration for fraud in 2006, he’s routinely fooled overeager and under-vetted media outlets into running fatuous stories about celebrities involved in utterly laughable legal situations, like Justin Bieber stealing Selena Gomez’ dad’s Amex for penis enlargement surgery, and George W. Bush acting as a time traveler who “conspired with Duke of Normandy at Battle of Hastings 1066 A.D. to pervert the English Dictionary and Law.”

In an old lawsuit against Allen Iverson, Riches claimed Iverson hired him to be his personal trainer and then offered Riches money in exchange for sex. Riches said he needed a hair transplant, so he acquiesced to Iverson’s demands and thereby became Iverson’s “white juicy fruit.”

Riches is relentless, too. We got our hands on another lawsuit, filed just last week in Nevada district court, in which several famous prisoners (including alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes, convicted Oklahoma City bombing accomplice Terry Nichols, and convicted 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef) express their undying support for Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the boxer’s legal battle against a random New Orleans bar. The lawsuit appears to be Riches’ handiwork, judging by the handwriting and the inclusion of the intervenor “Jonathan Rich,” although we can’t say for certain.

The lawsuit describes Holmes, Nichols, and Yousef as Mayweather’s “biggest fans,” and even though we hope that’s true, the lawsuit itself is as bogus as they get.

But why would Riches do this? In a 2013 interview, he told Details magazine that filing absurd lawsuits is his art and he’s not going to stop any time soon: “I’m going to continue to file suits … and make fun of the judicial system … It’s tagging. It’s spray-painting. I’m on these dockets forever.”

“It’s my own twisted entertainment,” he said. “Because I have a right. And no one can stop me.”

And even though judges and legal experts around the country believe Riches’ hobby has become an enormous distraction (not to mention a drain of resources) for the court systems, it seems he’s right.


Tyler Shields, bloody death threat

Tyler Shields, Bloody Death Threat After Destroying Birkin

Tyler Shields, bloody death threat – the celebrity photographer has been inundated with death threats across the Internet in the wake of his recent Birkin-destroying photo shoot, during which he fed a $100,000 crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bag to an alligator, but the creepiest thing by far is this bloody letter he just found in his mailbox.

RE-TOX obtained images of the letter via a source connected to Shields. We reached out to Shields who confirmed the images’ veracity but didn’t want to comment further.

We are told Shields discovered the letter at his L.A. home on Saturday, just three days after RE-TOX posted behind-the-scenes video of the alligator shoot. It’s unclear if the blood is real or not.

The letter states, “Tyler Shields, I’m going to kill you and eat you. See you later alligator. You’ll never see me coming. P.S. You’ll make a great handbag!”

We’re told Shields has not contacted the police regarding the threat because “this kind of thing happens to him all the time.” His Facebook account is proof, littered with dozens of similar threats on his life stemming from the recent Birkin shoot. Some examples:

“Do you realize how many animals you could have saved in a shelter for what you did? How many families could be fed? This isn’t art, this is a narcisstic show of your own excesses. If you have a Birken that you can destroy then you are not living in the real world.”


“I will feed you to an alligator you cock sucking faggot : )”

We’re not saying PETA was connected to this (not like PETA would publicly admit to being connected to a bloody death threat anyway) but just to cover our bases, we reached out to them for comment.


[VIDEO] Celeb Photographer Tyler Shields Feeds $100,000 Crocodile Birkin Bag to an Alligator


Celebrity photographer and famed Birkin destroyer Tyler Shields has just upped the ante in fashion stunt photography, feeding a genuine $100,000 crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bag to an alligator.

Shields, the guy who famously set another Birkin bag on fire in 2012, tells, the photo shoot starring model Ana Mulvoy Ten is part of his newest art series “Indulgence,” set to premiere soon at the Guy Hepner Gallery in L.A. and Imitate Modern Gallery in London.

Shields says the bag is so prized, it took 7 months just to get one because the waiting list was so long. Meanwhile, the alligator only took 4 days to find.

Indulgence by Tyler Shields

And with anything involving wild animals, the photo shoot wasn’t without its risks. Shields says, “At one point during the shoot, when Ana and the gator were both biting the bag, it closed one of its eyes as if it was going to attack her, but didn’t. It was one of the most insane moments I have ever photographed. Inches from death at any moment.”

The shoot took place in Downtown L.A. and was shot using the latest Hasselblad camera.

As for the bag, Shields says it’s destroyed, unless you’re interested in a Birkin that’s full of gator teeth holes.



Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress Sues Bellagio, Denies Fellating Man on Casino Floor

A former Las Vegas cocktail waitress is suing the Bellagio for assault, battery, false imprisonment, and sex discrimination, claiming she was falsely accused of openly performing oral sex on a man inside the casino … fired … then held against her will and ruthlessly interrogated for 7 hours.

Lindsay Gambit filed the lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada, claiming she was abruptly fired in 2011, after 8 years of faithful service, when her superiors falsely accused her of “getting fingered,” “giving a blowjob,” and “having sex” in plain view inside the casino.

Gambit claims she was given her job back after surveillance video showed she was innocent, but the harassment from her Bellagio supervisors continued. Gambit claims they continually spread rumors about her engaging in sexual conduct at the casino, even though she insists she did not.

Gambit says she complained and was eventually fired again in 2012, except this time she was dragged into an interrogation room by Bellagio security guards. She claims the director of security Ray Brown subjected her to an “abusive and unlawful” 7-hour interrogation about her alleged involvement in a credit card fraud scheme.

According to the lawsuit, Brown suspected Gambit was in cahoots with a casino customer who was using a fraudulent credit card.

During the interrogation, Gambit claims Brown repeatedly called her things like “white trash,” “piece of shit,” and “low life.” Gambit says she was terrified and tried to contact her lawyer, but Brown ripped her phone out of her hands. She says that’s when cops showed up and continued the interrogation.

According to the lawsuit, Lindsay was ultimately booked and charged in connection with the alleged credit card scheme, but she continues to fight the charges.

After she left Bellagio for good, Gambit says Brown continued to spread rumors about her working as a prostitute in the casino. She claims the entire ordeal has left her emotionally scarred. She claims she can’t eat, she can’t sleep, and her reputation has been permanently tarnished.

She’s suing for big money, well in excess of $50,000.


Prisoner Sues Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna, Chris Brown for $2.4 Billion: They Used Satellites to Steal My Songs!

Well, this is fantastic. A California prisoner has just filed a $2.4 billion lawsuit against Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Chris Brown, claiming the music icons colluded with law enforcement to steal lyrics he’s been writing from behind bars.

Richard Dupree — who’s currently locked up in California State Prison, Corcoran — filed the suit in district court last week.

Dupree claims Jay Z and Beyonce have been working with law enforcement for the last 3-4 years (including CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security) to spy on him via satellites in order to steal his lyrics. Really. He alleges Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Kanye West conspired with them to commit the crimes.

According to his lawsuit, Dupree believes Jay and the rest extracted roughly 3,000 songs from him via satellites and in the process “robbed [him] for hundreds of millions, even billions, in the satellite organization.” Whatever that means.

Dupree wants justice in the form of $2.4 billion dollars.

Oh yes. He also demands immediate freedom from prison.


Bruce Springsteen Fans Sue Live Nation Over Expensive Tickets

A Bruce Springsteen fan has just filed a $5 million class action lawsuit against concert promoting giant Live Nation, claiming concertgoers at the Boss’s 2012 Wrecking Ball tour were unfairly ripped off at the box office.

Marilyn Frost claims she and other fans were forced to pay exorbitant prices for Wrecking Ball concert tickets at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey because of Live Nation’s illegal side deals with ticket brokers.

According to Frost’s lawsuit, Live Nation withheld 5% of MetLife’s tickets in order to sell them to ticket brokers,who in turn charge higher prices for the same seats. Frost claims Live Nation’s deals with ticket brokers are a violation of the NJ Fraud Act.

She wants $5 million in damages on behalf of herself and all the other fans who couldn’t afford tickets, or who paid too much.

If the lawsuit sounds familiar, that’s because a Justin Bieber fan filed a nearly identical lawsuit against AEG last month for the same reason.


Gay Porn Site Sues User, Outs Him in the Process

Subscribe to a gay porn site? Your private information isn’t safe. In fact, it could end up in public records. Name, address, even the site you’re subscribed to.

At least, that’s what happened to one poor guy in Pennsylvania.

We won’t name him because that just feels wrong, but the photographer behind had no problem calling out one of his users in public court records, filing a lawsuit against the man for allegedly downloading images off the website and cross-posting them on Tumblr and Flickr.

Zone 8 Media — a London-based gay erotica company helmed by photographer Nick Baker — filed the lawsuit for copyright infringement, alleging the defendant-who-shall-not-be-named stole 200 or more photos and then cross-posted them on his private social media accounts.

Baker claims each photo contains an invisible watermark that allowed him to trace the images back to this particular user, and rather than settle the issue privately — or even just forgetting about the whole thing — Baker filed suit. It is now public record.

We don’t need to point out why this was a dangerous PR move for Baker (who wants to subscribe to a porn website where a private information leak is even possible?) but it raises an interesting question: does the punishment fit the crime?

Within the realm of porn — especially gay porn — it feels as though the need for privacy among consumers ought to be greater. What if the user’s in the closet? What if he’s married with a family? Is it worth destroying his life over a bunch of photos? Had this user stolen images from some boring political blog and cross-posted them, his privacy would obviously be less of a concern.

Add to that the fact that swapping copyrighted porn on the web is nearly more commonplace than porn itself, which doesn’t make it any less illegal, but perhaps it ought to make the punishment less severe. And let’s be clear, publishing private information in a porn lawsuit like this is punishment in its own right.

We tried several times to get in touch with the defendant here, but he hasn’t gotten back to us.

We won’t speculate about whether he’s upset or embarrassed by the lawsuit. Sure, everyone watches porn and, by Internet standards, isn’t exactly hardcore, but how this guy feels personally doesn’t matter. A lawsuit like this sets a scary precedent and is sure to drive consumers away from pay sites.

An unwavering commitment to privacy and discretion must be a cornerstone in this sector of the porn industry. In that regard, Baker may have shot himself in the foot.

Then again, what’s the point of copyrighting your work if you can’t protect it?


Man Sues NBA for $1.5 MILLION After Falling Down Stairs

A man is claiming it’s the NBA’s fault he fell down a flight of stairs and broke his ankle, and now he wants $1.5 million.

Shane Albert Decker of Laredo, TX, filed the lawsuit against the NBA, claiming he was setting up the audio system for the pre-game Bud-Light/Sprint concert during All-Star Weekend in February when he took the spill.

Decker says he was traversing a set of steel stairs, while on the job, when someone turned out the lights and he lost his footing, causing him to fall down. He claims the situation was made even worse by the fact that he couldn’t see the bottom stair, which was black.

Decker says he pretty much injured his entire body during the fall — bones, tendons, nerves, muscles — and even broke his ankle, requiring expensive surgery that involved screws and pins. He claims the accident caused him severe humiliation and emotional distress.

Decker now wants $1.5 million in damages, claiming the stairs were dangerous from the start — and it’s the NBA’s fault for letting anyone near them.