Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar House — Rapper Drops Totally Reasonable $524,000 On Un-Rappiest Crib in California

Kendrick Lamar, arguably the hottest rapper out right now, is starting a revolutionary new trend in hip hop: buying a house that doesn’t look like it was once owned by a billionaire drug lord.

According to official records, Lamar recently purchased a modest 4-bedroom home in Eastvale, CA for $523,500, a far cry from his hip hop brethren posted up in multimillion-dollar mansions in L.A.’s ritzy Bel Air neighborhood or Atlanta’s Buckhead.


The lot where the house is located is listed at roughly 7,800 square feet, so the house is much smaller — and it’s also located a good hour east of Los Angeles, smack in the pleasantly affordable middle of nowhere (relatively speaking).

It’s a pretty big statement, even if Kendrick didn’t intend to make it. In the rap world, Kendrick stands virtually alone in his rejection of material temptations.


Take Tyga for example. The 24-year-old reportedly purchased a 9,280 square foot mansion in L.A.’s wealthy Calabasas neighborhood for $6.5 MILLION in 2012. Tyga is two years younger than Kendrick, and on top of that, GQ never named Tyga “Rapper of the Year.”

And don’t even get us started on Rick Ross and his new “Rich Forever” chin tattoo, which has undoubtedly cursed him to be poor again very soon.

Rick Ross Chin Tattoo

Of course, Kendrick’s simple home purchase isn’t all that shocking. He has previously expressed indignation over unflattering rap stereotypes (the heavy drinking, the drugs, the womanizing, the ridiculous over-the-top lifestyles). Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, the head of Kendrick’s label TDE Records, even blasted the GQ “Rapper of the Year” article for dwelling upon rap stereotypes and the “drama” of hip hop instead of on Kendrick’s accomplishments. A fair point.

In his infamous “Control” verse, Kendrick criticizes his fellow rappers for losing their focus on music and obsessing over their image instead: “I’m uncoachable, I’m unsociable, fuck y’all clubs / Fuck y’all pictures, your Instagram can gobble these nuts” and later “I ain’t rockin’ no more designer shit / White T’s and Nike Cortez, this red Corvette’s anonymous.”

Kendrick (reportedly) doesn’t even drink or smoke, so it’s unsurprising his austere lifestyle choices would extent to his real estate investments.

Without even trying, Kendrick is setting a positive example for other rappers, but as long as rappers like Rick Ross keep spitting about Maybachs and drugging women before having sex with their unconscious bodies, Kendrick faces an uphill battle.

But one probably worth fighting. Click below for more pics of Kendrick’s new digs.


Mario Chalmers Child Support

Mario Chalmers Child Support — Miami Heat Guard Ordered to Pay $10,000 a Month to Queen Elizabeth

Miami Heat‘s starting point guard Mario Chalmers would rather spend more money on vacations every month than on his baby daughter, this according to new court documents, so the judge in his child support case has ordered an increase in the NBA star’s monthly payments … from $2,600 to $10,000.

Oh yeah, before we forget. The daughter in question is literally named Queen Elizabeth. Now back to the story.

Queen Elizabeth’s mother Brittany Burrough filed court documents last year asking to order Chalmers to pay more child support, claiming Chalmers’ lifestyle had become grossly lavish ever since he signed his gargantuan 2011 contract with the Heat (3-year $12 million) which increased his monthly salary from roughly $70,000 to $400,000.


And she’s right: the judge notes Chalmers currently spends roughly $22,000 per month on housing, $10,000 per month on his personal assistant, $5,000 per month on vacations, and $1,600 per month on clothing and various other expenses.

Meanwhile, Burrough, Queen Elizabeth’s primary caregiver, lives with her sister, was recently laid off, and earns only $1,000 a month. Not exactly the same league.

On top of that, Burrough claimed she wanted to get additional education (for her sake as well as for her daughter’s) but she had neither the time nor money to do so. The documents also show Chalmers rarely even sees QE.

Considering all this, the judge ruled it was only fair to give Burrough a massive raise in monthly child support.

Chalmers was also ordered to pay retroactive child support from the date Burrough filed her request for additional child support: a total of $155,000.

God save the Queen.


DMX Bankruptcy Fiasco: Rapper Ordered to Pay $244,000 Over Botched Comeback Tour

Pay attention, kids. This is what happens when you screw up your bankruptcy: your creditors hunt you down in court with a vengeance and nail you for $244,000 that you pretty much definitely don’t have. Case in point, DMX. Poor, poor DMX.

According to new court documents, DMX was just ordered to pay the quarter-million dollar sum to a booking agency called Heavy Rotation, after the company sued the rapper in 2012 for torpedoing his own highly-anticipated international comeback tour.

According to HR’s lawsuit, DMX sabotaged the tour with his myriad legal problems (most notably, a passport lien stemming from unpaid child support). HR claimed it coughed up nearly $100,000 to help X deal with his issues, all so he could perform on the tour, but DMX continued to cause problems. Worst of all, DMX couldn’t get the lien lifted on his passport, so he was stuck in the U.S.

HR claimed it was subsequently forced to cancel the entire tour it had planned, a decision that cost the company $749,285, so it sued DMX for the full amount.

DMX then did what any broke person would do in that situation, he filed for bankruptcy last July. The HR lawsuit was placed on hold as a result. But not for long.

The judge in DMX’s bankruptcy eventually dismissed the rapper’s filing at the request of U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis, citing legal noncompliance. Davis’ office accused Simmons of “obvious inconsistencies regarding his income and assets, rendering it impossible to ascertain his financial affairs.” Translation: DMX botched his paperwork.

HR didn’t miss a beat, pouncing on DMX as soon as the coast was clear. DMX failed to respond to HR’s renewed legal overtures, so the judge finally issued a default judgment against the rapper earlier this month for $244,325.60. And all of it could have been avoided if he just filed for bankruptcy correctly.

And that’s why you hire good lawyers, kids.

The irony of ironies: DMX is now touring internationally.

Tyler Shields, bloody death threat

Tyler Shields, Bloody Death Threat After Destroying Birkin

Tyler Shields, bloody death threat – the celebrity photographer has been inundated with death threats across the Internet in the wake of his recent Birkin-destroying photo shoot, during which he fed a $100,000 crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bag to an alligator, but the creepiest thing by far is this bloody letter he just found in his mailbox.

RE-TOX obtained images of the letter via a source connected to Shields. We reached out to Shields who confirmed the images’ veracity but didn’t want to comment further.

We are told Shields discovered the letter at his L.A. home on Saturday, just three days after RE-TOX posted behind-the-scenes video of the alligator shoot. It’s unclear if the blood is real or not.

The letter states, “Tyler Shields, I’m going to kill you and eat you. See you later alligator. You’ll never see me coming. P.S. You’ll make a great handbag!”

We’re told Shields has not contacted the police regarding the threat because “this kind of thing happens to him all the time.” His Facebook account is proof, littered with dozens of similar threats on his life stemming from the recent Birkin shoot. Some examples:

“Do you realize how many animals you could have saved in a shelter for what you did? How many families could be fed? This isn’t art, this is a narcisstic show of your own excesses. If you have a Birken that you can destroy then you are not living in the real world.”


“I will feed you to an alligator you cock sucking faggot : )”

We’re not saying PETA was connected to this (not like PETA would publicly admit to being connected to a bloody death threat anyway) but just to cover our bases, we reached out to them for comment.


Bryant McKinnie Settled Strip Club Lawsuit for $150K

Turns out Bryant McKinnie‘s infamous $375,000 strip club bill wasn’t as “bogus” as he said it was; the 350-pound unemployed offensive tackle has finally agreed to pay off a huge chunk of the alleged debt. $150,000 to be exact. Which, for the average person, equals roughly 4,000 lap dances, not including tip.

According to new court documents, McKinnie recently struck the settlement agreement with Trick Daddy‘s father Charles “Pops” Young after Young sued McKinnie for $375,000 in 2012.

Young claimed McKinnie ran up the bill over a 20-month period at two of his strip clubs, including the Miami staple King of Diamonds. According to Young, McKinnie promised to pay the bill back in 2010, but never did. It’s unclear how McKinnie ran up such an astronomical tab, but apparently it’s not all that uncommon.

In fact, relatively speaking, it’s not even that impressive. Rick Ross, Diddy, and a bunch of rapper friends once reportedly spent $1 million at King of Diamonds in a single night.

But McKinnie’s story is still more interesting. Immediately following Young’s filing, McKinnie fully denied the bill, saying in an interview, “What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab? It just sounds stupid to me. I’ve never heard of this in my life. This is bogus to me.”

So, that McKinnie has agreed to cover a chunk of the bill, even just 40% of it, suggests it wasn’t such a “bogus” lawsuit after all.

He’s already gone to work, too. According to the new documents, McKinnie has already paid $37,000. He still has to pay $113,000, which isn’t a huge chunk of change for someone who’s earned several million dollars every year since he was drafted to the Minnesota Vikings in 2002, but it’s still pretty big.

Especially considering McKinnie is currently a free agent.



Mel Gibson’s Ex-Girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva Sued for Fraud By Former Lawyers

Mel Gibson‘s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva maliciously defrauded her former attorneys out of $13,781, according to new legal documents, and now the attorneys are asking Grigorieva’s bankruptcy judge to make sure she remains stuck with the debt.

Keith A. Fink & Associates filed the documents in Grigorieva’s ongoing bankruptcy case, asking the judge to exempt the debt from discharge on grounds Grigorieva racked up the bill by lying to them.

KAF&A claims Grigorieva, who mothered Gibson’s baby daughter Lucia, struck a retainer agreement with the firm in 2012. Under the agreement, Fink & Co. says Grigorieva promised to pay the lawyers $450-$650/hour for their work.

KAF&A claims it did its job and dutifully sent Grigorieva invoices for months after their deal. Grigorieva repeatedly promised to pay them, LAF&A alleges, but ultimately never coughed up a dime.

KAF&A is now convinced Grigorieva never had any intention to pay her legal bills, despite promising over and over to do so. KAF&A claims Grigorieva’s empty promises were made “with malice, fraud and/or oppression, and reckless disregard of KAF&A’s rights.”

As a result, the firm believes its entitled to keep its claim against Grigorieva, despite her bankruptcy, until she’s finally able to pay it. KAF&A wants a judge to declare the debt “non-dischargeable.” Alternatively, the judge in Grigorieva’s bankruptcy case could decide to wipe the debt clean, in which case KAF&A would be out of luck.

Grigorieva filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California in February.


[VIDEO] Celeb Photographer Tyler Shields Feeds $100,000 Crocodile Birkin Bag to an Alligator


Celebrity photographer and famed Birkin destroyer Tyler Shields has just upped the ante in fashion stunt photography, feeding a genuine $100,000 crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bag to an alligator.

Shields, the guy who famously set another Birkin bag on fire in 2012, tells, the photo shoot starring model Ana Mulvoy Ten is part of his newest art series “Indulgence,” set to premiere soon at the Guy Hepner Gallery in L.A. and Imitate Modern Gallery in London.

Shields says the bag is so prized, it took 7 months just to get one because the waiting list was so long. Meanwhile, the alligator only took 4 days to find.

Indulgence by Tyler Shields

And with anything involving wild animals, the photo shoot wasn’t without its risks. Shields says, “At one point during the shoot, when Ana and the gator were both biting the bag, it closed one of its eyes as if it was going to attack her, but didn’t. It was one of the most insane moments I have ever photographed. Inches from death at any moment.”

The shoot took place in Downtown L.A. and was shot using the latest Hasselblad camera.

As for the bag, Shields says it’s destroyed, unless you’re interested in a Birkin that’s full of gator teeth holes.



Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress Sues Bellagio, Denies Fellating Man on Casino Floor

A former Las Vegas cocktail waitress is suing the Bellagio for assault, battery, false imprisonment, and sex discrimination, claiming she was falsely accused of openly performing oral sex on a man inside the casino … fired … then held against her will and ruthlessly interrogated for 7 hours.

Lindsay Gambit filed the lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada, claiming she was abruptly fired in 2011, after 8 years of faithful service, when her superiors falsely accused her of “getting fingered,” “giving a blowjob,” and “having sex” in plain view inside the casino.

Gambit claims she was given her job back after surveillance video showed she was innocent, but the harassment from her Bellagio supervisors continued. Gambit claims they continually spread rumors about her engaging in sexual conduct at the casino, even though she insists she did not.

Gambit says she complained and was eventually fired again in 2012, except this time she was dragged into an interrogation room by Bellagio security guards. She claims the director of security Ray Brown subjected her to an “abusive and unlawful” 7-hour interrogation about her alleged involvement in a credit card fraud scheme.

According to the lawsuit, Brown suspected Gambit was in cahoots with a casino customer who was using a fraudulent credit card.

During the interrogation, Gambit claims Brown repeatedly called her things like “white trash,” “piece of shit,” and “low life.” Gambit says she was terrified and tried to contact her lawyer, but Brown ripped her phone out of her hands. She says that’s when cops showed up and continued the interrogation.

According to the lawsuit, Lindsay was ultimately booked and charged in connection with the alleged credit card scheme, but she continues to fight the charges.

After she left Bellagio for good, Gambit says Brown continued to spread rumors about her working as a prostitute in the casino. She claims the entire ordeal has left her emotionally scarred. She claims she can’t eat, she can’t sleep, and her reputation has been permanently tarnished.

She’s suing for big money, well in excess of $50,000.


Diplo & Azealia Banks Sued for Stealing ‘Fuck Up the Fun’ Beat: Diplo’s a Liar, We Never Collaborated, and We’re Not ‘Homies’

The gloves are off now. A Dutch music producer has just filed a lawsuit against Diplo and rapper Azealia Banks, claiming Diplo flat-out stole his beat to use on Banks’ 2012 song “Fuck Up the Fun” and even had the audacity to pass it off as his own work.

MasterD — a DJ well-known in the underground Dutch “bubbling” scene – filed the suit in Missouri, alleging Diplo knew the beat wasn’t his creation, but used it anyway without permission.

Diplo and Banks released “Fuck Up the Fun” in 2012, with Diplo taking sole producer credit, and the public backlash was swift in coming. People across the Internet immediately recognized the similarities between “Fuck Up the Fun” and MasterD’s “Mad Drumz,” and slammed Diplo as a beat stealer.

In response to the 2012 accusations, Diplo emailed Pitchfork, claiming “Fuck Up the Fun” was actually a collaboration between him and MasterD. Diplo wrote, “These guys [MasterD and friends] are my homies. If anyone can really help break these underground movements it’s a young artist like Azealia Banks.”

Diplo called his sole producer credit a mistake and quickly bestowed a co-producer title on MasterD, but according to MasterD’s lawsuit, he and Diplo are the opposite of “homies.”


MasterD claims he produced and copyrighted “Mad Drumz” in 2008, and four years later, Diplo released the same exact beat on Banks’ track under his own name. MasterD insists he was never contacted for permission to use his beat on “Fuck Up the Fun” prior to its release, and he most definitely didn’t “collaborate” on it.

Once “Fuck Up the Fun” came out, and Diplo started getting heat from MasterD fans, MasterD claims Diplo reached out to him in a desperate last-minute attempt to get permission to use the beat, but no deal was struck. MasterD claims Diplo and Banks then brazenly continued to sell and perform “Fuck Up the Fun,” despite having zero permission to do so.

MasterD claims “Fuck Up the Fun” earned Diplo and Banks hundreds of thousands of digital downloads and even more video views, resulting in astronomical losses for MasterD.

MasterD claims he even sent Diplo and Banks a cease-and-desist letter, demanding they stop stealing his track, but it went unanswered.

In addition to Diplo (real name Thomas Pentz) and Banks, MasterD is suing Universal Music Group as well as all the retailers that allegedly distributed Banks’ “Fantasea” mix tape, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and Best Buy. MasterD wants unspecified damages, as well as an injunction blocking Diplo and Banks from using his beat ever again.

Interestingly, the same day Diplo emailed Pitchfork with his “collaboration” excuse, he tweeted @DJMasterD1 in an obvious attempt to extend an olive branch. So much for that.

As for Diplo and Azealia Banks, they also have a spotted history.  Banks publicly turned on Diplo last year, accusing him of unfairly blocking the release of her “Harlem Shake” remix because Diplo wanted Juicy J to rap on it instead.

Banks called him a “snake,” and said, “”You owe M.I.A. everything you have.” (M.I.A. arguably put Diplo on the map with her song “Paper Planes,” which Diplo produced.)

Banks’ tweets have since been deleted, so maybe she and Diplo are cool again. Which is a lot more than we can say for Diplo and MasterD.



Christopher Lowell Sues the Bejesus Out of Office Depot: You Took My Stapler, Now Pay

Interior decorating guru Christopher Lowell is going Milton Waddams all over Office Depot, suing the retail giant for hundreds of thousands of dollars over his line of office supplies. Including staplers. But the timing might be terrible: Office Depot just announced it’s closing 400 stores.

Lowell filed the lawsuit last week in Florida, claiming he entered into a licensing agreement with OD to market and sell his signature office supplies from 2008-2012 – pencil cups, hole punchers, staplers, staple REMOVERS,  computer desks, armoires, you name it – but OD majorly shortchanged him on the royalties.

Lowell claims Office Depot continues to owe him $194,190.73 in unpaid royalties, despite his attempts to get paid, and now he wants interest on top of that, plus attorneys’ fees, and court costs.

But wait, there’s more! According to Lowell, the damages don’t end there. Lowell says OD continued to sell his products through 2013 (and today) despite having no signed agreement in place, which, he argues, would make Office Depot guilty of trademark infringement. Lowell claims he’s entitled to triple damages for trademark infringement alone.

In other words, Lowell’s going after Office Depot with a vengeance, and if we know anything about Christopher Lowell, it’s going to be a bloodbath. Especially now that, as AP reported, Office Depot plans to close 21% of its 1,900 store locations in the wake of its merger with OfficeMax.

WEIRD FACT: Christopher Lowell is his professional name. According to the legal documents, Christopher’s real name is Richard Madden. What.